ToeCheck Plus+

Bowers MotorSports is now offering the Toe Check Plus+ Laser Alignment System.( shown in Case.)

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TOE CHECK PLUS+(patent pending) is attached to the hub in the same manner as a camber/caster gauge.

Once the power button is depressed, a laser line is projected on the floor or ground.

Under bright lights or direct sunlight the red laser line may seem dim or not present at all. A pair of red laser enhancement glasses is provided to make the line more apparent.

After centering the projected line, equally on each side of the tire on each side of the vehicle, simply place two tape measures between the two projected lines.

TOE CHECK PLUS+ may be left in place while making adjustments and while rocking the vehicle back and forth to reduce tire grip on the floor/ground. Always be sure to center the laser equally on each side of the tire. When the BOWERS MOTORSPORTS emblem is horizontal the laser is adequately centered.

TOE CHECK PLUS+ can be utilized for additional purposes also. Bump steer, camber, Ackerman, frame rail straightness and roll bar intersection are only a few measurements that can be checked. With creativity and imagination, many more uses are possible.